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Soldier’s Heart at Premiere Stages

“All the performances are strong, especially Lee’s shattering portrayal.”
The Alternative Press

“We cannot take our eyes off her.”
New Jersey Arts

“The acting company provides good performances. The painful play of emotions flickering across Ms. Lee’s grave features attests to Casey’s intensifying anguish.”
The New York Times

Antony and Cleopatra at McCarter Theater

“Beautifully bold… Thrilling… Ms. Mann’s casting choices are flawless throughout.”
The New York Times

“Among the able company, several of whom play multiple roles, Zainab Jab as Charmian, Cleopatra’s attendant and confidante, and Mairin Lee as Octavia (and Iras, another Cleopatra attendant) stand out.”
Talkin’ Broadway

“The first-rate supporting cast is impressively strong… Mairin Lee in two roles as Octavia, sister of Octavius, betrothed to Antony in an arranged political marriage, and also as Cleopatra’s servant Iras, is on target and affecting.”
Town Topics

The Heiress on Broadway

“Mairin Lee’s assumption of the title role for four performances proves to be revelatory… Lee is scheduled for one more performance, Jan 27, and I highly recommend it”

“Mairin Lee’s performance was real, raw and rip-your-heart-out tear-wrenching”

“Mairin Lee won me over from the start with her vulnerability and naivete”

“I have an amazing, amazing understudy and I’m really proud of her for being able to make her Broadway debut, because she’s incredibly talented.”
Jessica Chastain in The Associated Press

Official Playbill announcement.

Pride and Prejudice at Pennsylvania Shakespeare

“a bang-up cast… the excellent Mairin Lee”
The Philadelphia Inquirer

“an Elizabeth Bennet brimming with intelligence and fire”
Reading Eagle

“The leads, Mairin Lee and Michael Brusasco, are perfectly paired as Elizabeth and Darcy.  Lee is a smart, witty and beguiling young woman whose cynical bon mots hit their targets with sparkling accuracy… [Darcy’s] proposal scenes to Elizabeth are both wonderfully theatrical and touchingly human.”
The Morning Call

Hamlet at Pennsylvania Shakespeare

“Two performances in particular offer notable interpretations… Mairin Lee’s Ophelia is unsurprisingly sympathetic but unexpectedly steely… When her father is killed, she loses her wits but not her force of personality.”
Play Shakespeare

The Lion in Winter at Shakespeare Santa Cruz

“this is a solid supporting cast that keeps the energy and insights strong, especially Ms. Lee, who holds her own with the two veterans.”
Theatre Times

“Adding sauce to the mix is the French princess, Alais (a touching Mairin Lee)”
Good Times Santa Cruz

In The Next Room, or the vibrator play at Wilma Theater

“the seven-person cast is uniformly subtle and human”
Broad Street Review

“It’s rare to see perfection on any stage. Yet Zizka’s mounting of In the Next Room, or the vibrator play is as close to it as I’ve ever seen in more than 30 years of reviewing… Zizka’s work with this superb cast emerges as a lesson in stage direction”
Reading Eagle

Othello at Marin Theatre Company

“Lee is a lovely Desdemona”
San Francisco Chronicle

“At the crux of this emotional cauldron is Desdemona, whose beauty, purity, innocence, shock, and bewilderment are perfectly rendered by Mairin Lee”
Stage and Cinema

The Farm at Shotgun Players

“Mairin Lee is affecting as Mollie, the conceited, pretty filly who yearns for Moses’ promised Sugarcandy Mountain.  She and the other horses form the musical and empathetic heart of The Farm
San Francisco Chronicle